shatter weed

Shatter Weed : Dangers and Side Effects

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Most recreational weed users have probably never heard of marijuana extracts or shatter weed. But for marijuana enthusiasts, extracts, especially shatter, are some of the most popular and fastest-growing forms of cannabis on the market. Put simply, a marijuana extract is a hyper-concentrated form of the drug. Extracts are formed by separating the marijuana plant’s essential oils from the plant using heat, pressure and/or chemical solvents. 
xanax bar addiction

Xanax Bars Addiction and Dependency

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XANAX is the brand name for the drug Alprazolam, a drug belonging to the class of medications called benzodiazepines or “benzos”. Xanax itself has a host of nicknames of its own, such as, “zanie-bars”, “z-bars”, “Bars”, “planks” and “bricks” to name a few. Typically prescribed as an anti-anxiety medication, Xanax is the most widely prescribed of all benzodiazepines as a method to alleviate anxiety and treat panic disorders.
cbt for alcoholism

How is CBT Used to Treat Alcoholism

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The effective treatment of alcohol use disorder depends on a multi-pronged approach. Of all the various treatment elements, the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the very cornerstone of addiction treatment. CBT is an evidence-based…
relapse on drugs

What To Do If You Relapse on Drugs and/or Alcohol

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When it comes to succeeding in recovery from substance use, identifying the potential hazards in advance is key to protecting the new life you have worked so hard to shape. Relapse can and does happen no matter how committed someone may be to…
substance abuse evaluation

What is a Substance Abuse Evaluation?

There are a variety of reasons why someone might find themselves being assessed for a drug or alcohol use disorder. So, what is a substance abuse evaluation and what can you expect? What Is a Substance Abuse Evaluation? When drug or alcohol…
medical detox program

How to Choose the Best Medical Detox Program in Pasadena

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Medical detoxification is an essential part of a person’s recovery from addiction. Addiction is a serious, chronic neurological disorder that causes a person to compulsively seek and use a drug or illicit substance even when that substance…
medically assisted detox

Medically Assisted Detox for Drugs and/or Alcohol

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When you’re trying to break free from addiction, a medical detox center may be just what you need to get through the difficult first stage. Attending one of these programs can relieve many painful physical withdrawal symptoms, help you to…
los angeles county substance abuse statistics

Los Angeles County Substance Abuse Statistics

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LA is known for its sunny beaches, relaxed lifestyles, and perfect climate – but Los Angeles County substance abuse is a real problem. Millions of people in Los Angeles County live with substance use disorders and may not be able to stop on…
causes of addiction

Addiction: Underlying Causes and Conditions

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Addiction is a complex mental health disorder that doesn’t fit neatly into any one box. On the one hand, addiction can be characterized as a disease of the brain. Yet it could also be seen as a social problem: people are more likely to become…
what is aftercare in recovery

What is Aftercare in Recovery?

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Recovering from a substance use disorder takes time, dedication, and vigilance. Often, the tools provided by a residential treatment center simply aren’t enough to produce long-term sobriety: they must be accompanied by long-term addiction…
importance of aftercare in recovery

The Importance of Aftercare in Recovery

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To free ourselves from alcohol or drug addiction, we must first recognize how alcohol or drugs have plagued our life. Once we accept the problems and why we desire to change, we will be ready to begin our recovery journey. Those who are ready…
trauma and addiction

Why Treating Trauma and Addiction Simultaneously is Important

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There is a known connection between trauma and addiction. A vast body of research shows a clear link between experiencing (or witnessing) a traumatic event and substance use disorders. Recent data provided by the National Survey on Drug Use…