How to Choose the Best Medical Detox Program in Pasadena

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Medical detoxification is an essential part of a person’s recovery from addiction. Addiction is a serious, chronic neurological disorder that causes a person to compulsively seek and use a drug or illicit substance even when that substance is causing them extreme harm. Because addiction is progressive, it will not get better without treatment, and the first step in the treatment process is medical detox.

Is It Time to Seek Help for an Addiction?

There’s no bad or premature time to seek help for an addiction but as it only gets worse over time without professional care, seeking help as soon as possible is the best way to go. There’s no need to wait until you or your loved one hits rock bottom before searching for The signs and symptoms of addiction may vary from person to person, and no one has to have all the signs of addiction to be correctly diagnosed.

However, these are the most significant signs that addiction is present:

Continued use of the substance even though such use is causing severe problems in a person’s work, school, professional, or personal life Declining grades or work performance
Taking medication for longer periods than prescribed or in greater amounts than prescribed Abandoning hobbies or other valued activities
Cravings for the substance or substances in question Failing to meet responsibilities and commitments
Inability to stop using the substance without relapsing (beginning to use the substance again) Behavior problems
Using a drug or illicit substance to cope with stress, anxiety, or other emotions Dropping friendships
Unusual mood swings or atypical changes in behavior Financial problems
Lying and deceptive behaviors Lapses in concentration or memory
Problems with grooming and/or appearance Unintended weight loss

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Medical Detox Program

Many substances of abuse, such as alcohol, opioid painkillers, and benzodiazepine tranquilizers, produce dependence; that is, a person is physically dependent on having those substances in their body. When someone no longer has access to that substance, they experience withdrawal, which is painful and can be life-threatening.

Medical detox is the process in which drugs of addiction leave a person’s body while being supported and cared for by medical professionals trained in addiction medicine. With this type of around-the-clock care, a person detoxes safely and comfortably.

Medical detox itself involves:

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  • Close supervision and observation by nurses and physicians on an inpatient basis
  • Treatment with medication that eases or eliminates both the discomfort and risks of detoxification, if necessary

When seeking the best medical detox program, keep in mind the following things to look for and these questions to ask:

  1. Are the facility and its professionals licensed and accredited? Licensure is vital for choosing a detox program in Pasadena. The best medical detox programs will have professionals who are licensed in a range of counseling, medical, and therapeutic specialties.
  2. Is the detox program focused on a continuum of treatment or detox only? The best medical detox programs offer a continuum of care that takes a person from the detox phase of recovery through stabilization, residential treatment, and all the way through aftercare.
  3. Can the program treat dual-diagnosis patients? Dual-diagnosis means that a person has both a psychological disorder, like depression or PTSD, as well as an addiction disorder. Many people needing substance abuse treatment have a dual-diagnosis. In fact, in many cases, substance abuse and addiction are often just a symptom of psychological and emotional trauma that has never been treated and remains unhealed. Trauma-informed substance addiction therapy helps identify and treat the root cause of a person’s substance abuse.
  4. Does the detox program provide holistic treatment? Because addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum, the best medical detox programs deliver holistic treatment. A holistic medical detox program treats the whole person, taking into account their past, their experiences, and their unique psychological, emotional and physical characteristics.
  5. Are the detox program’s treatments evidence-based? Evidence-based treatments are supported by research, scientific literature, and years of proven success. Some of these treatments include Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), group therapy, one on one counseling, and psychiatric treatment.

What is Most Effective in Treating Addiction?

A comprehensive addiction recovery program that addresses any psychological disorder a person has in conjunction with the simultaneous treatment of substance abuse issues is the most effective approach to treating addiction. That’s because almost 40 percent of people with addiction issues also have a co-occurring psychological condition like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, that also need to be treated. Any issue that is left unaddressed can easily become the seed of a relapse.

Stages of Treating Addiction

The best treatment facilities will offer a complete continuum of care, including:

  1. Medical Detox. Medical detox usually takes 3 to 5 days, but the duration of medical detox is driven by the unique needs of the client.
  2. Acute stabilization takes place when a person is finished with detox but may not quite be ready yet for residential treatment. A person in stabilization is usually still processing their desire to get into recovery.
  3. Residential treatment. In residential treatment, a person lives at the treatment facility while receiving intensive daily therapy.
  4. ELEVATE Post. ELEVATE Post helps people make the transition from treatment by providing them with in-home support care services, such as case management, counseling, medication management, and many other types of supportive services.

Why Choose ELEVATE Wellness Center?

ELEVATE Wellness Center is a holistic treatment provider, which means that we take into account all the underlying needs of the person receiving care and seek the root causes of addiction in each client. Our multidisciplinary team carefully assesses the core issues of each person and then uses a collaborative model to provide treatment with our skilled team of physicians, nurses, and master leveled clinicians.

ELEVATE Wellness offers holistic, individualized treatment programs starting with medical detox in Pasadena. Our highly experienced and trained treatment team will work with you to diagnose, assess and treat substance abuse or misuse disorders and any co-occurring psychiatric or medical conditions. Our programs are tailored to meet your specific needs to achieve the best possible outcome. To learn more about our Pasadena detox program or any of our other services, please contact us at 855-778-8668 for a free and confidential consultation.